jeudi 31 juillet 2014

IILC 2014, July 27th - The arrival of the french team

Today is the D-Day, first day of our 5 day Business trip to Orlando! We all met this morning and we're all very excited about the upcoming days!

French team on its way to Orlando
We left Paris Airport on time around 11 am this morning, ready to meet the other interns!

Borading in CDG Airport. Can't wait to join the IILC 2014
After 13 hours of flight (connection included), Violette, Jean-Baptiste, Antoine, Julien and I finaly landed in Orlando, waiting for Matthias, our fellow french intern from Hong-Kong. A Disney shuttle was waiting for us, ready to take us us straight ahead to Coronado Spring Resort, we can already litteraly feel Mickey's spirit on our way to the hotel, people are so nice!!!

Nearly arrived
Hopefully, we made it and arrived on time for the first dinner session at 7:30 though all the traffic.

Finally arrived
We were anxiously waiting for this moment and how surprise we were when we found out the magnificent dinner EY prepared for us right on the lake! It was also the opportunity to discover the other interns coming from all over the world, by the end of the dinner, we already exchanged with people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Canada!

Hard time in Coronado resort!
We were very satisfied with this first evening as we met interesting people but there still was one more surprise for us as we all shared our room ( a two bed bedroom) with an intern from an other country.

Our magic bands: Key access to rooms, parks, restaurants...

So we had the chance to share this experience with people from Mexico, Canada, India Italy, Saudi Arabia and for my part Germany. Indeed, I've got to know Kevin, intern from the Berlin Office, who will study next year in Nice at the Edhec Business School, the school I graduated from in 2012. The world is so small!

Right now, I'm thrilled to know what the future days hold for us!

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