jeudi 31 juillet 2014

IILC 2014, July 28th - Let's rock the beam !

EY knows how to create a marvellous spread
Our first day at Coronado resorts started with a lovely breakfast with all the 250 non-american interns selected by EY.

The american team will join us on Tuesday for the official start of the workshops with the theme of leadership introduced by Mark Weinberger EY CEO himself !

Let's get started, who is not from Canada?
After a brief presentation of this week's seminar by Paige Sacks (Chicago Campus recruiter), we enjoyed this session to get to know each other better as each and every table was mixed with people from various horizons.

The canadian team was by far the most representative contingent with no less than 70 interns! This was a really interesting time as we could realized what great events was expecting us.

Once the breakfast finished we started our first activity that consisted in creating a new logo for EY, and this (see picture) was the thing that came out: one big pizza representing our all nationalities/cultures/languages, Picasso had better watched out!!!!

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Thanks a lot to Paige for these awesome activities, we are off to a flying start!

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Opening session of IILC 2014, French team with french Sacks (Chicago campus recruit)
Now that the morning comes to an end, it's time to pack our little EY bag and enjoy our time in Disney world! Any advice before departure? I guess Paige would say that some sun cream would be a great idea.

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Paige Sacks putting sun cream on EY interns, what a true 2900 intern's mum!
W spent the entire afternoon in Universal studios and guys, we had such a great time there! I wish I could describe you all the attractions we made but I think the following pictures are symbolic in themselves.

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Nothing could stop us from enjoying ourselves, even the 2h30 queue at Harry Potter's!

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Facing the 2h30 queue at Harry Potter's with american interns!

EY definitely reserves us may surprises, you thought the IILC already started? Not even closed...

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Tonight we enjoyed a marvellous diner with great speakers. Among them, one special guest draws our attention, a certain Mark Weinberger. Some of us could even approach him very closely!

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The Selfie of Mathias and Antoine with CEO Mark Weinberger

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